The Heliacal Rising of SIRIUS is not only a unique experience, but a practical application dealing with the human creation. Humans will be able to connect – even for a moment – with all the frequencies of the womb of their universe, the womb that created them i.e., SIRIUS.

There is a specific sacred event (Dromeno) which must be performed to precision. The divine gifts of SIRIUS will be available for all who partake in the sacred event.

Attuned with homonoia (one Mind/Nous), humans will connect with all of their fellow Ellene humans. Consequently, the truth of the Justice of their own divine creation will be revealed through this supreme, great, unique, divine and creative phenomenon – The Heliacal Rising of SIRIUS. This is our true Ellania “NEW YEAR”. It is the first day of the 13 th month of our Ellanio earth year that contains 360 days and angles (360° of the circle).

During this event, the waters of the oceans upon the planet become brackish (mix of salt water and freshwater that can be consumed). The waters carry all the enormous, divine and creative frequencies of our cosmos and universe through the universal womb of our own creation “SIRIUS”.

No scientific, systematic society up until today upon our planet has ever been able to – and will never be able to – analyse the just truth of this great phenomenon “The Heliacal Rising of SIRIUS”. Its truth is unique and absolute. It can be proven through the evidential process of the phenomenon itself, as well as through our sacred event.

This event is not a miracle in the way that humans have been told and believe today and in the way miracles have been written in certain books. On the contrary, every Ellanio year during “The Heliacal Rising of SIRIUS”, there exists a true, absolute, divine and creative phenomenon which proves itself through experience that you yourself can experience, live and feel.

Through your true remembrances, the creative forces of your frequencies will always bring you back to the proper, true, absolute and creative position of your existence and within divine Ellania Creation.