Right after the sacred text of the Hierarchy of the 9 NINE, Artemis Sorras introduces us to the Mother of all mothers, Rhea. Through her creational code name and the cosmic symbols that compose it, Mother Rhea reveals her unique attribute, since she is the infinite and perpetual movement and flow of the Nous (Mind) in absolutely everything.

She is the divine Womb and beginning of all creations. She is the flow (Rho) and the absolute balance (Epsilon) of the Alpha Heroes and entities (Alpha). She is the infinite Guardian of Time, preserving from the very beginning (Alpha) of Creation and with absolute symmetry and protection (Epsilon) the flow and rhythm (Rho) of our Cosmokratoria (power of the cosmoses together as one unit).

Her creational children and her sister Aphrodite are within the composition of the sacred Olympus keeping the aim and purpose of the abundant Light, Truth and Justice (which are our origin, our sacred principles, namely our beginning – Alpha) with complete Harmony, Valour, Virtue and Equality of Oaths & Laws (the security forces of Epsilon) for the infinite Beauty of our hydor-based (water-based) Creation where everyone and everything creates divinely and immortally, ascending themselves within the planes and levels of our Cosmokratoria where everything flows freely and eternally (Rho).

As the reader continues, the writer Artemis Sorras introduces them to the code names of many divine entities, such as Leto, Metis, Pluto, Hades, Alcinous, Persephone, restoring the truth about our sacred Creators; a truth that was kept hidden by the apostates for centuries damaging the knowledge of the Ellene humans in order for them to forget their divine nature.

However, now it is the time to recognise these sacred and divine meanings and return to your immortal beginning, where the foundations of Truth exist. And with your creative Voice, take a stand for your divine nature and for Justice with Virtue and Valour restoring the balance and the Harmony of your creative environment and existence, and begin to create as a Creator that you are within the limitless Space of the Absolute Time 1 ONE.

Acknowledge your Mother Rhea, your beginning, through her sacred invocation at the end of this text, where she will attune you to her infinite truths and immortal magnificence of absolutely everything.